Welcome To The Vaastu Sanjivanii Questionnaire!
  • Please Note:
  • - The following questions are with reference to your existing house.
  • - Answer YES if one or more persons are facing these problems.

1. Do you or any member in the family has low immunity?

2. Is any member in the family suffering from incurable disease?

3. Are you or any other family member facing career related issues?

4. Is your life unstable?

5. Have you ever witnessed major failure or career setbacks?

6. Do you fail to achieve your set targets?

7. Have you met with frequent or major accidents/theft after shifting to your current house or after doing last renovation in your house?

8. Do you face problems like cash crunch ?

9. Is your expenditure more than your income?

10. Do your efforts go waste and do not give the desired results?

11. Are your debts increasing ever since you have moved to this house or after doing last renovation in this house?

12. Are you facing frequent relationship issues (within family or outside)?

13. Is anyone in the family facing severe depression?

14. Are your savings flushing out?

15. Do you face frequent outbursts in family?

16. Are you facing frequent court cases or legal issues?

17. Do you avoid socializing?

18. Do you feel that your efforts are not recognized?

19. Are you facing any problem regarding your children ?

20. Do you face problem in payment recovery?

21. Are you suffering from hyper tension?